At LAHAB LIGHT AMMUNITION, our manufacturing and assembly capability is among the region’s most diverse and efficient and is capable of responding flexibly to special requests for mission-specific customisation.

We are constantly building our munitions production expertise. With continuous investment in talent and technology to stay ahead of the curve, we offer high-volume production in the UAE, supported by world-class local and international components.

.223 Remington (77 grains HPBT)

.223 Remington (77 grains hollow point boat tail)

6.5 x 48mm Creedmoor Ball (120 grains)

6.5x48mm Creedmoor ball (120 grains)

7.62 x 39mm Ball (123 grains FMJ)

7.62x39mm ball (123 grains FMJ)

7.62mm blank double

7.62x51mm blank (M82)

7.62 x 51mm Ball (M80)

7.62x51mm ball (M80)

7.62 tracer

7.62x51mm tracer (M62)

7.62mm AP DOUBLE

7.62x51mm AP (M61)

.300BLK Ball (145 grains)

.300BLK ball (145 grains)

.308 Winchester Ball (150 grains)

.308 Winchester Ball (150 grains)