At LAHAB LIGHT AMMUNITION, our manufacturing and assembly capability is among the region’s most diverse and efficient and is capable of responding flexibly to special requests for mission-specific customisation.

We are constantly building our munitions production expertise. With continuous investment in talent and technology to stay ahead of the curve, we offer high-volume production in the UAE, supported by world-class local and international components.

9mm Blank

9x19mm blank

9MM 124 grains ball

9x19mm ball (124 grains)

9 x 19mm Luger Ball (115 Grains FMJ)

9x19mm Luger ball (115 grains FMJ)

9 x 19MM Luger Ball (124 Grains FMJ) CIP

9x19mm Luger ball (124 grains FMJ) CIP

9 x 19mm Luger (124 Grains CP/Fully Encapsulated)

9x19mm Luger (124 grains CP/fully encapsulated)

9 x 19mm IMI (115 Grains Solid/Leadless)

9x19mm IMI (115 grains solid/leadless)